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Patios or Decking for your Marple Garden?

Driveways in Marple

As a landscaping company based in Glossop, we carry out a large amount of work in the nearby Marple area. We have recently installed patios, driveways, fencing and decking for homeowners in this small Greater Manchester town. G.K. Wilson Landscape Services deliver garden design, installation and maintenance services throughout the whole of Marple.

We were recently asked a question on what we think works best for a garden design; decking or patios? After contemplating the question and sizing up the garden, we decided that a patio installation would look better for this particular home in Marple. Here, we look at what each type of installation can offer you and your Marple property.

Patios are solid surfaces which are sloped to allow water flow away from the home and into the garden. Like driveways, patios begin with excavation work and are eventually built to ground level with a sub-base which has been compacted to create a solid and unmoveable surface. Patios come in a variety of colours and materials including concrete, block paving and flagging. Like driveways, patios are easy for Marple homeowners to maintain.

Patios can be fitted into any shape or size of outdoor space. Most patios can last for up to 20 to 30 years, and the only drawback is that you may experience moss or weed growing between the stones dependant on your choice of material. Speak to our garden design team to request more information on the materials we use for driveways and patios in Marple.

Decking is a solid slotted surface which allows excess water to run through to the ground underneath. Our landscaping team can fit decking at your Marple property either raised, or built on the ground. Only footing levels ever change. The woods we use for decking out a landscaping theme in Marple are hardwearing and extremely durable.

If there’s a certain type of decking you would like us to install, please let us know. While hardwood and softwood is popular, uPVC decking is also available. We can build decking to any size and the only drawback will be that decking needs cleaning more regularly. Our garden design team will put together a detailed plan for your new landscaping theme.

We hope that this page has given you a clearer idea on what might work best for your Marple property. All installations are durable, stylish and will add value to your home. If you would like more information about our other landscaping services, such as the installation of driveways, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to take your call.

Call 01457 868933 to discuss patios, decking or driveways for your Marple home. Our landscaping services are hard to beat.

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