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Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces in Tameside

Landscaping in Tameside

As a landscaping company covering Tameside, we offer garden design services to many customers in the area. We often encounter clients looking for garden design ideas to optimise smaller spaces, and many of them feel that they don’t have too many options available because space around their Tameside properties is so limited.

We can provide originality and comfort with a few simple changes and some high quality workmanship. We use the same principles when we are designing and installing patios or driveways in Tameside or any of the surrounding local areas.

You could be looking to transform roof space or a balcony into a stylish urban garden, or you may wish to create a marvellous summer dining area with tasty lighting and quirky accessories. Our garden design and landscaping specialists can help to transform small outdoor spaces in Tameside in a straightforward fashion but with an added individual twist.

By working closely with our garden design and landscaping team, you can improve your Tameside garden irrespective of its size and the space you have to work with. We’ve even been able to add driveways or patios when the property owner has thought it to be impossible; that’s what good garden design and landscaping experience can do for you!

Using space intelligently is key to making a small garden in Tameside work best for the customer. Seats which double up as storage, wall-mounted plants and flower pots and folding furniture all free up space and are great garden design ideas. Purpose-built small patios are great for freeing up extra room for small planting areas as well.

Attractive ornaments and large pots can add personality to small gardens, and wall-climbing plants can bring life to fencing without taking up much-needed space. Our landscaping team is great at providing garden design ideas for customers in and around the Tameside area. A great advantage to having a small garden is that they are much easier to maintain.

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